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Posted by Mark on April 30, Hello and welcome to denialism blog. First of all, we have to get some basic terms defined for all of our new readers. Denialism is the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate, when in actuality there is none. They are effective in distracting from actual useful debate using emotionally appealing, but ultimately empty and illogical assertions. Examples of common topics in which denialists employ their tactics include: Denialism spans the ideological spectrum, and is about tactics rather than politics or partisanship. Chris will be covering denialism of industry groups, such as astroturfing, and the use of a standard and almost sequential set of denialist arguments that he discusses in his Denialist Deck of Cards.

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Anyway, if I see coworkers on dating sites, I think the polite thing to do is just ignore it and move along, so I was not super into the fact that this guy messaged me but I figured he was just being kind of socially obtuse. Dude, if you realized that, why did you message me anyway and tell me that? Anyway, see you Monday!

Oct 11,  · Five Geek Social Fallacies Within the constellation of allied hobbies and subcultures collectively known as geekdom, one finds many social groups bent under a crushing burden of dysfunction, social drama, and general interpersonal wack-ness.

They are perfectly free to disagree with me and act like grasping, self-serving assbags if they wish. I hope they are happy in their choice. August 16, at I have been watching in amazement at the Geek web has gone bat-shit crazy this summer about all of this. Look, people, it is not hard. Most of the guys getting upset need to remember the days of nerd and geek abuse.

Did it feel good when someone set off your inner alarm? Just use about one ounce of empathy and if someone is creeped out by something you do, you apologize and move on. It is not rocket science. The sexual harassment issue in our community is real and the anger that emerged needs to be listened too.

Book Review: Historians’ Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought

Jerry Maguire was inspired by the life of super-agent Lee Steinberg who makes a cameo appearance with client, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman. I wanted to be a sports agent for so long, and still do even though I wouldn’t go to law school if you paid me. Despite doing a good job of showing other sides of sports agents, it does create other fallacies. Sorry ladies, but not all agents look like Tom Cruise, who gets the boot and loses all of his clients except one: The loud-mouthed and self-centered Rod Tidwell could easily represent a number of professional athletes.

Ouch, there goes my chance of landing any clients.

These are the 11 logical fallacies that we find most irritating, but there are more. A lot more. So many more. We’re getting irritated just thinking about it.

Would you buy bikini pictures from this man? By David Futrelle Several days ago, a strange fellow named Mark Judge made his debut as a bit player in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination tragicomedy that now grips the nation. Judge, a hard-partying pal of Kavanaugh back in his Georgetown Prep days in the early s, was allegedly on the scene when his then year-old buddy Brett allegedly tried to rape the then year old Christine Blasey Ford. Over the past several days, journalists and curious internet sleuths have pored over the articles Judge has written for assorted D-list right-wing websites — and a strange oeuvre of exceedingly creepy videos Judge posted on then abruptly removed from YouTube and Vimeo.

And he seemed to come awfully close to endorsing date rape: Er, speak for yourself, dude. Evidently Judge — now in his fifties — still has a bit of a thing for very young women. Dancing, hula-hooping, champaign [sic] on ice. My every Motley Crue fantasy come to life, twenty years too late.

Geek Social Fallacies

Here is his twitter, if you have any questions or comments to send to him. Send a Twitter direct message if you want to talk about using my services to promote redpill ideas. The video game industry and culture changed substantially when women started to get involved. Whenever a successful male industry is created, a biological urge to change it comes from those with two X chromosomes. Here are e three ways that women have ruined gaming culture:

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It’s usually all very subjective. In addition to the given advice, when you still can’t choose, remember you can make two comparison lists i. When you compare the two negative lists, you may better be able to discover your deal breakers. Do you just flip a coin? I am trying to decide whether to move into a new rental house or stay where I am.

Every time I come up with a new reason to add to the pros about moving, I come up with an equally powerful con.

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I have to agree. For some readers who are just beginning to get into history military history included and geopolitics I believe this book would be useful to you. Not only is the book good for better understanding history it will also help you understand and identify logical fallacies used by people in debate and arguments. Fallacies are a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument, deliberate or otherwise.

Understanding fallacies, how to apply them, how to spot fallacies in the arguments of others, is a means of promoting rationality.

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This is a guest post by Holly Pervocracy. Holly Pervocracy is a kinky, geeky feminist sexblogger. She writes essays on her experiences as a member of the BDSM and polyamory communities, editorials from a sex-positive feminist perspective, advice on sexuality and kink, and humorous critiques of sexism online and in the media. Note from the GF mods: Comments made here are expected to adhere to our comment policy.

Geeks are tinkerers who constantly try to improve and innovate, and geeks are not bound by many mainstream social rules, and these two things combine to create some fucking hot sex. But geeks also are prone to weird social thinking, some of it a reaction to the ungeeky mainstream, some of it their very own invention. People can voluntarily control their emotions about sex.

This manifests a couple different ways: The weirder your sex, the more enlightened you are. The short of it is:

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You want to help people begin working together: An engaging story will serve as a unifying emotional and experiential tool. You are trying to develop a vision and need to first find agreement as to what people believe is important. A Review of Narrative Methodology local copy , by Mitchell and Egudo, Australian Department of Defence, This bibliography outlines how the narrative approach can be used as an alternative for the study of human action.

Narrative is an interpretive approach in the social sciences and involves using storytelling methodology.

The Geek Feminism Wiki describes the geek social fallacies as “many of the differences between regular and geek social circles and how the latter invites unnecessary drama”. The five fallacies are: 1) Ostracizers are Evil. Most geeks come from a background of ostracism and to inflict that upon another, for any reason, is inherently wrong.

Hasty Generalization basing a general statement on too small a sample; building general rules from accidental or exceptional situations. Microevolution is evidence of macroevolution; origin of life experiments in the laboratory can be extrapolated to the actual evolution of life in the primitive oceans, alleged transitionary forms [Archaeopteryx, Semouria, etc. There is only one book that supports creationist suppositions of the global flood and the 6 day creation.

Since science produces about 15, peer-reviewed papers per year over the last 40 years are so and, in fact produced hundreds if not thousands of papers per year for the preceding years, this fallacy only applies to creationism and intelligent design. Begging the Question petitio principii reasoning in a circle, using your conclusion as a premise, assuming the very thing to be proved as proof of itself. Natural selection; paleoanthropology; geologic record. God created the universe, therefore god created the animals.

In fact, science does not use evolution to support evolution.

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Yes, I encourage this. A good start is a smile and three seconds of eye contact, which is the threshold for attraction. The men confident enough to approach them are often players, and they intimidate lots of other men.

Geek Social Fallacy #1: Ostracizers Are Evil. GSF1 is one of the most common fallacies, and one of the most deeply held. Many geeks have had horrible, humiliating, and formative experiences with ostracism, and the notion of being on the other side of the transaction is repugnant to them.

If Sherlock is your emotional spirit guide, seek other help immediately. I have been a geek and loved geeks since I began having relationships outside my family, and I have to say that The 5 Geek Social Fallacies rang true to me in that particular self-recognition-wince way. Geeks have relationships and the particular pitfalls for my logical, overthinking ilk deserve mention.

The person who is having emotions outside those that are expected is weak and the loser and — worst of all — wrong. Love my obsession, love me. The rest of the fallacies have a root in this one because this fallacy is at the root of a lot of geek behavior. Logic is our friend! Processes are our friends! Not always, and usually not when feelings are at stake.

Is it Spock Pranking Day again? GRF1 can manifest in a terrifyingly large number of ways.

Geek Relationship Fallacies

SHARE In any discussion of evolutionary psychology , or human sciences in general, it is very important to avoid two logical fallacies. They are called the naturalistic fallacy and the moralistic fallacy. The naturalistic fallacy, which was coined by the English philosopher George Edward Moore in the early 20th century though first identified much earlier by the Scottish philosopher David Hume, is the leap from is to ought — that is, the tendency to believe that what is natural is good; that what is, ought to be.

It refers to the leap from ought to is, the claim that the way things should be is the way they are. This is the tendency to believe that what is good is natural; that what ought to be, is. Both are logical fallacies, and they get in the way of progress in science in general, and in evolutionary psychology in particular.

Five Geek Social Fallacies is an influential sociology article by Michael Suileabhain-Wilson, written December 2nd, It explains many of the differences between regular and geek social circles and how the latter invites unnecessary drama through over-inclusiveness.

Liberal left egalitarian and media armchair commentator. Self-confirmed geek and Linux end-user. Connoisseur of smooth jazz and biscuits. May 29, Just over a week ago, I published a story airing my own views on why men were opting out of dating, relationships and marriage. I also pointed out that there were critics of such men deciding to make a personal decision of the aforementioned life paths.

Such critics range across the political spectrum from the expected traditional right wing conservatives who would naturally baulk at the idea of people of such opting-out, all the way to the left wing feminists and anti-feminist rationalists — liberal, libertarian, centrist and authoritarian alike. Since then, I have taken time to reflect and notice further the failings of people who are critical of such choices to counteract them with a rational, intellectually undefeatable argument as has been done with the ideologies of religion and feminism.

The debunking of concepts such as creationism, patriarchy, the wage gap and so forth have been done many a time by atheists, rationalists and scientists. But yet when it comes to the decisions which have seen men opt out of the aforementioned life paths, intellectual rigour and inquiry has been largely missing, instead the easier option of finding low hanging fruit to discredit a whole group of men by exposing the most extreme examples has been the path followed by the many.

In the worst case examples, guilt by association fallacies, ad hominem attacks and sex shaming have been used. Men wishing to opt-out of marriage as well as dating and relationships is a growing trend — not a majority of the general public for the latter two but a growing number. The difference between bachelors and MGTOW is that the former will stay silent and will just opt-out.

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