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Instead, it has been designed to demonstrate how your privacy might be breached, and how what you say could be used by search engines and advertising networks to make adverts that are even more targeted. When Your Phone Knows Various users across the web have claimed that something fishy is going on with their phones. They believe that smartphone microphones are being used to record what they say, with the information used to better target Google ads How to Avoid the Dangers of Online Advertisements Targeted at Kids How to Avoid the Dangers of Online Advertisements Targeted at Kids You might think you’re smart enough to dodge manipulative advertisements — and maybe you are smart enough — but what about children? Online ads are increasingly targeting younger and younger folks. What can we do? Read More on websites and Facebook. It sounds unlikely, but the anecdotal evidence is quite compelling.


Brian Harkin for the Guardian My first inkling that my family was different came when I was six and found a gun hidden under my dad’s bed. I knew he’d served in Vietnam and assumed it was from then. A teacher overheard me talking about the gun and quietly mentioned it to my parents.

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Can Democrats Follow #MeToo to Victory?

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one.

It won’t surprise you to learn that I don’t share the same taste in TV shows as my mum. Google Now on Android offers precious little in the way of options that might disable the microphone, other than abandoning the launcher altogether.

Having failed to convince a majority of America that Donald Trump is Hitler, a racist fascist, they turn to a vile smear — that he has perverted fantasies about his daughter, Ivanka. Here are their accusations and the evidence they cite. See analysis of other smears of Trump in the For More Info section. Instead they devise memes that only a leftist can love.

Trump is a racist like all who disagree with them. He aspires to be Putin. And now, a new low even for the Left, they say he has a perverted sexual attraction to his daughter, Ivanka.

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We will be asking why this child was placed just doors away from here abuser for a long time. I must continue to advocate for tougher laws that protect the children. I truly understand the fear surrounding such an occurence. I was abused when I was very young and I did not fully remember until much later in adulthood. The details seemed like a repeating nightmare, I never comfronted my accuser.

We can not place blame at this time but it is evident that this child was not protected even after she was brave enough to tell someone of authority.

Poem of the Masses. my smile melts with confusion artisticly enhanced she titty-danced her clients glanced at her mammarily-expansed bust, de-pantsed.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Fans of The Only Way is Essex were dismayed to watch Dan Edgar and Amber Turner in a couples’ counselling session – and they couldn’t even say the loved each other after a year-long relationship.

Dan started off proceedings, with the counsellor asking him point blank is he loved Amber. He clearly looked awkward at the outright question and squirmed in his seat before saying: ITVBe At this point Amber felt the need to pipe up to explain her point of view to the counsellor, saying: ITVBe As the counsellor left them together the couple didn’t speak, just stared at each other with slightly odd smiles as if to acknowledge how uncomfortable the experience had been.

Fans were cringing at the awkwardness of the session, hoping the two would either stay together and fly off into the sunset, or split up and move on from the storyline. It is getting soooo boring!!!! Like us on Facebook.


She left her son in Hope with her parents Eldridge and Edith Cassidy, who owned and ran a small grocery store. He began playing the saxophone in elementary school. At one point, Clinton considered pursuing a career in music. In Hot Springs, Clinton attended St. He briefly considered dedicating his life to music, but as he noted in his autobiography My Life:

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Live in a rural setting with my 2yr old Mastiff dog, Simon. My house is an old three bedroomed stone farmhouse, set in twenty acres, most of which slope down to a large pond, with deciduous woodland on either side. My study, one of the bedrooms, overlooks this view onto the woodland beyond the pond. My 22yr old daughter, Kathy, had arrived unexpectedly late last night, apparently having had a row and broken up with her boyfriend, she had seemed annoyed rather than upset but wouldn’t tell me the reason for the split.

She had slept in until late morning, then spent the day lazing around. In the evening she had taken Simon for a walk down to the pond, throwing sticks for him to catch. I watched idly from my study, saw them heading back so went downstairs to open a bottle of wine. I heard a loud bang followed by a scream of pain.

Christy Sheats: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Dont you love our humanities class? Wont you just miss this humanities class?

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Named the face of peace and the number one arts festival in the US by USA Today, this is the biggest global gathering of its kind. This year, 25, people from all over the world came, including 2, volunteers, thousands of travelers, shoppers, collectors and, most importantly, folk artists from 53 countries. The market starts with a parade of the artists welcomed by the city of Santa Fe as they gather in the main plaza welcomed by a Cuban live band.

Li Edelkoort, the honorary chair for and Keith Recker, the creative director, read the names of each country and cried when Syria was called. Face to face with artists from over 50 countries, there to explain what they do, to invite you to know something about their lives and traditions — my faith in what we can accomplish as a species is restored. Kavita Parmar from IOU Project was a first time participant in Innovation Inspiration, a special exhibition area featuring works by 30 artists who are reinterpreting time-honored materials and techniques into innovative works that express new meaning in the modern age.

The client response I have had even after coming back from the show has reinforced my belief that the customer is looking for authenticity and a direct dialogue with the craftsperson and this is one of the answers to the future of a true luxury shopping experience. Carla Fernandez, from Mexico and also a first time participant, said that she was very surprised to encounter a spiritual experience sort of a boot camp of the positive, the possible and the future where sharing is the currency.

She has been to many shows around the world just selling her products but this is the only time where she has felt a real support, a real sense of community. The show reaffirmed her belief that the future is handmade, that this is a possible and relevant future that can be a sustainable thriving business. She also said she encountered the real America, one that favors diversity and culture and a very different one from the one in the news.

Porfirio Gutierrez from Oaxaca who participated in and says this is a unique show because it caters to people who know and appreciate folk art. To be accepted means to receive a special recognition and be the beneficiary of all the knowledge and care by a pull of top specialists in different areas such as branding, entrepreneurship, marketing etc.

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Dana Carvey had so many memorable characters and catchphrases. There was a character he did called Grumpy Old Man who would complain about progress and lament about how easy things are today. And there were no winners. Everyone was a loser. It rotted your teeth and left your intestines scarred and knotted.

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Early life[ edit ] John Wayne Gacy Jr. His paternal grandparents who spelled the family name as “Gatza” or “Gaca” had immigrated to the United States from Poland then part of Germany. He was close to his two sisters and mother but endured a difficult relationship with his father, an alcoholic who was physically abusive to his wife and children. This friction was constant throughout his childhood and adolescence. Gacy, while regularly commenting that he was “never good enough” [14] in his father’s eyes, always vehemently denied ever hating his father in interviews after his arrest.

His mother made him walk back to the store, return the toy and apologize to the owners. His mother told his father, who beat Gacy with a belt as punishment. After this incident, Gacy’s mother attempted to shield her son from his father’s verbal and physical abuse, [16] yet this only succeeded in Gacy earning accusations that he was a ” sissy ” and a “Mama’s boy” [17] who would “probably grow up queer “.

The same year, [20] Gacy himself was molested by a family friend, [17] a contractor who would take Gacy for rides in his truck, then fondle him. Gacy never told his father about these incidents, afraid his father would blame him. He was occasionally hospitalized because of these seizures, and also in for a burst appendix. His father suspected the episodes were an effort to gain sympathy and attention; he openly accused his son of faking the condition as the boy lay in a hospital bed.

On one occasion in , the same friend witnessed an incident at the Gacy household in which Gacy’s father began shouting at his son for no reason, then began hitting him.

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