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Geplaatst op 22 februari door E. Partij D66 over fatsoen. Alexander Pechtold de haatzaaier. Welke partij kan ik nog vertrouwen? De verkiezingen komen er weer aan, de trukendoos wordt weer opengetrokken. Ja, we wonen in een Nederlandstalig land, onze politieke leiders en leidsters zijn zich hiervan bewust, maar bij een verkiezingscampagne telt iedere stem. En zo, Nederlandstalige inwoners, kan men tot zijn verbazing verkiezingsleuzen tegenkomen die in het Turks geschreven zijn, dit in ons eigen vaderlandje. Lezen we in Turkije ook verkiezingsleuzen in het Nederlands? PvdA, D66 en Groen Links hebben geen problemen met een campagne waar de tekst op posters in het Turks staat. Terwijl de vorige keer besloten werd de posters te verwijderen, zegt men nu staalhard:

‘Cougar Night’ Is Alive And Well At A Fancy Silicon Valley Hotel

If you can dream it, a decentralized application can do it. The adoption is happening fast, and it behooves us all to familiarize ourselves with this revolutionary technology. So what are dApps and how do they work? In order to gain an understanding of Dapps, it is first necessary to have some knowledge about blockchain technology, the technology that underlies decentralized applications.

The Lawyer was, however, rumoured to be dating Omar Sterling of R2Bees fame but ended the relationship some years ago View this post on Instagram Dearest crush, ever since I met you, it hasn’t been the same, all you’ve got me doing is drawing hearts around your name!! 😍 cc @salmamumin ‘s legs 😀 ps: @thenanaaba do not come here.

He’s a butch leather dominating top and he dared me to flinch when he dropped cigar ass on my quivering abs. To this day, I can’t smell Old Spice without flashing back on the pummeling my ass took that night. Details include random sadism, with Bernadette biting her hard enough to draw blood in order to keep her from coming. I don’t think he is latino Or at least a little more dish. This particular poster is in Follies, and said that BP is an incorrigible flirt.

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Jessica Simpson is returning to show business. Jess is planning a new sit com based on her life. The Queen of pop culture icons is also ready to make her long anticipated come back to regular prime time TV! Now that can only mean that we are due for another Wonder Woman series! Now Wonder Woman has been a comic book icon ever since her creator Harvard educated shrink William Moulton Marston dreamed her up while perfecting the lie detector.

Basically she was a dreamy warrior goddess type who enjoyed flirting with danger and getting tied up!

LinX Lounge at Humber College Blvd. ROOM LX, Toronto – LINX Bar and Lounge is a fully licenced venue for the Humber community and home to Smokes Poutinerie The Dakota Tavern at Ossington Ave, Toronto – The Dakota Tavern is one of Toronto’s premier Live Music Venues.

Our pup a stunning blend of German Shepard, chow chow, Pekinese, and soft coated wheaten terrier has brought us so much love and fun into our busy lives. The photo below is at the SPCA. Marshall is the lil guy on the left in pic. There are countless favorites that top my list about our little guy including how he hiccups and his deliciously soft Buddha belly that bulges after a big meal but an obvious is getting to walk Marshall and decompress from the day. Having a dog is one of the greatest gifts on earth.

Besides bringing so much joy, unconditional love, a profound impact on lowering stress levels, they are the perfect tool for eligible men and women searching for the one. In other words, fido can become your date coach and matchmaker for an inexpensive price and a potentially huge upside! I walk down the street with this gorgeous 23 pound muscular 4 legged boy and people stop. They ask questions about him and then all of a sudden talk from training techniques, soft versus wet food, and dog parks bridges the gap into other adult topics.

Already have a dog? If not, consider rescuing a dog from your local shelter the central valley is flooded with so many breeds and many of these innocent pups are put down to lower costs. Though my dog did not put me in touch with my husband… he has played played a very important role in brightening our lives and we have so much fun having a new addition to the family!

The first one was when we had just gotten him.

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I think his head fell off and rolled across the floor in shock. But it was the right move. It was neither my calling nor what I was meant to do.

1. ReSound. ReSound is a company founded in with it’s headquarters in Denmark. They are owned by the GN ReSound Group. ReSound is credited for creating a new sound processing system with wide dynamic range compression (WDRC).

That said, I found myself in disagreement with nearly everything Nealon had to say. I found it unconvincing and unpersuasive because it does not seem to recognize the approbation of difficult textuality as itself a provocative and intransigent disengagement with the medium of argumentation. Not that such a recognition would make for a more interesting read.

Perhaps it would not. Critical Documents, , which is pocked and jostled with oblique political undercurrents in tune with the London riots of that summer. He writes that his thinking about Prynne emerges from the same scholarly desire to replace modernism and modernity with a conceptual re cognition of poetry in the age of capitalism. The glue that holds 1 and 2 together is the poetical desire to reverse time. In other words, does this not cast the writing of poems in a decidedly and perhaps irreversible atavistic light?

And if it does and I think it does , does this not presume the very conclusion it has to argue for, namely, that the concept of reversing time shares a partial investment in the idea that such reversal is possible? This would be the lamentation of a primordial utopia rather than utopia itself. After all, we read in English from left to right and more or less linearly, but we also read in time, which means that we are not caught in a deterministic cube with toothpicks between our cheeks and eyebrows ingesting data.

I look out of the window, I look up a word, I get a sandwich, I sit back down.

‘Cougar Night’ Is Alive And Well At A Fancy Silicon Valley Hotel

Recently expanded to include three new high-tech classrooms for our deaf students. Nonprofit residential treatment program for children. This program is designed to help troubled and traumatized children abused children rebuild their lives. They provide a home, schooling and love to these children through a comprehensive program. Deaf Education Deaf children often attend special schools or learning centers where various teaching methods are used to help communicate with and educate them in a way they can learn and become fulfilled, well educated and well rounded people.

Love Lost, Love Found: A Woman’s Guide to Letting Go of the Past and Finding New Love [Tatiana Jerome] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Turn Heartache into Empowerment When author Tatiana Jerome had a bad experience with a relationship breakup.

Sure, the perfect Tinder pick-up line may not be too hard to master for most people , but what about interacting with someone the old-fashioned way? For this, we consulted eight professional matchmakers to find out their best tips for meeting someone offline. While you can keep your online dating profile, in the name of efficiency, it only seems fair to put a little effort into your love life during the many hours you’re hopefully not looking at a screen.

Here’s what the matchmakers had to say: Expand your social circle. Finding events and activities that you enjoy will help you meet new people outside of your circle.


However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

Dewalt 20v Battery Rebuild 12v Boat Battery Charger Marine Batteries At Costco Dewalt 20v Battery Rebuild 24v Battery Wiring Diagram First Solar Battery Inverter System This mobile is slim with supple lines and also the cloth inside the back and front on the French telephone is a soft material.

The politics and demographics of Mason county are conservative and independent by nature. Not so its chapter of the League of Women voters, a far more hierarchal national organization than might be suspected. And weak excuses for considering topical presentations using vetting by the hierarchy were offered. Much of the meeting was consumed with organizational minutiae. A single white guest male sat at the table flanked by a room full of venerable white grandmothers to be reckoned with and 2 local journalists: Abolishing the Constitutionally mandated electoral college system for U.

Presidential elections…a controversial position indeed for an organization thought of as apolitical. As the meeting wore on, it felt more like an extension of the Democratic party headquarters. She accurately acknowledged it was a compromise without which the Constitution would never have been ratified by the delegates from the erstwhile colonies, now sovereign countries. She characterized it as a nod to the slave holding states, glossing over the well known fact Washington and Jefferson themselves were slave holders…or that this issue was eliminated at Appomattox.

The electoral college survived the Civil War and remains a mandate today.

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